Tuesday, November 27, 2018

December Daily Page 1

My intention/reason why this year is very simple. I want to enjoy the season. I made my intentions page also simple. A photo of Riker enjoying the newly lit fake tree. I used a plastic star from an Ali kit last year and a chipboard from this year's main kit.

Thanks for stopping by. <3 Ann

Monday, November 26, 2018

December Daily 2018

This year I'm using Ali Edwards main kit. A Travelers Notebook acrylic cover from Color Cast Design. I had planned to use Ali's 3x8 album, but the spine was just way too small to actually be useful. I've done a 6x8 in the past and knew I didn't want to do another large album and the last 2 years I did 4x6 and was looking for something different this year. I've found I really like the 3x8 size and thought it would be fun for DD, but I didn't think about how much I enjoy adding and playing with embellishments with this project.

Tis the season to talk about my plan for what feels like the biggest scrapbook project of the year. I don't really do foundation pages anymore. I found they don't work with my flow. I put a number (or 2) in every spread. So I have a starting point. I then stick a post-it on every page. I put a story idea on each one especially if that day has a plan, like when I torture the cat by taking him to visit Santa, and I'll add in a card and embellishment that would work with that day, but it is very rare that I glue anything down ahead of time.

 This year I really want stars to tie my album together. I'm thinking of ways I can include a star on every spread without it feeling forced or tacky.

 To keep everything organized I have a container I got at Ikea and a few bowls from here and there. Keeping things in sight and in reach is super helpful.

 I have an Epson PM-400 and use the "user defined" settings to print all sizes. So I can print, 3x8, and even 3.75x8.25 for full insert photos. I use 4x6 to print 3x6, 3x4, and 2x3. I also have a Sprocket, but I don't think I'll be using that much as the quality isn't as good as the Epson.

I'm looking forward to December 1st and starting this project again. I know I won't keep up daily, but I should have the album done by the end of the year. I'll post some here, but most will share most on my Instagram Thanks for stopping by <3 Ann