Friday, September 14, 2018

Travel 3x8 Album

This summer I took a trip to Chicago for my favorite kind of vacation the quick with a full schedule. It was a 36 hour trip to tour Wrigley Field and see my first Cubs game at home.

While I do have a 6x8 album to tell baseball stories. I knew this trip would need its own mini album. So when Ali Edwards released her Travel Collection and I picked up a lot of it to put in my Europe album (still a WIP) The navy 3x8 album seemed like the perfect idea to try something new.

After my trip, I started with the photo editing process and I narrowed it down to under 100 photos. I sketched out an album plan. I knew I wanted to tell the trip in a chronological fashion and I didn't want to use the same pocket configuration next to each other. So I used that edit my photos to size. And when doing so I played with some settings on my Epson PM-400 I could print 3x8 on it. So I spent an afternoon printing all the photos for the album.

The next step was to get my journaling done. I did my writing about the tour I took on Thursday and the game on the 3x8 pages that came in the Travel kit. I used a lot of the navy word chipboard that was in the chipboard bundle to label pieces of the day. I also used a lot of word stickers to embellish the pages.

From the start of the project, I wasn't sure how I would feel about the 3x8 as it felt really small when it was empty. When I finished this album I fell in love with the size. I'm actually going to do December Daily in 3x8 this year.

I've included both a slideshow version and youtube video to see the flip through of my album.
Thanks for stopping by <3 Ann