Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Epson Picturemate PM-400 first impressions

The biggest item I put on my Christmas list was a photo printer. For my birthday I got the HP Sprocket and I enjoy it, but 2x3 image size can be rather limiting. My home printer is old and while it still works well it doesn't print photos well anymore. So I did some research and put a full-size printer and this Epson Picturemate on my list. My family gave me a gift card to help cover the cost of whichever I chose. So I spent a couple weeks weighing the pros and cons with my husband before deciding on the photo printer.

Amazon delivered my printer Saturday morning and I put it straight to work after about 45 minutes of setup time. My first impressions were WOW the images were vibrant and crisp and the weight of the Epson premium paper was great. I printed a couple pictures to play with and then I printed all the photos for my December project life album. I was excited and impressed.

The Pros: The photo quality is great, the colors are vibrant, lots of ways to print (computer, app, email, or connect to the machine), It prints quickly,

The cons: It is loud. It's not really a big deal but could be irritating to some. All the ink is in 1 cartridge. So when you run out of red you have to replace the whole thing. Its price tag $200 is a lot for a printer that can only print on 2 sizes of paper

The indifferent: I estimated that it's about 30 cents a print. Which is the same that Target charges and these photos are better than Target. It doesn't print 6x8. I knew that going in, but it's the only thing this printer is missing for me.

So the TL;DR: It's a great photo printer and does a lot really well, but it is a hefty startup price tag. If you're someone who just prints a handful of photos at a time this is a great option. If you send out 100s of photos at a time then this probably isn't for you.

I also did a test of some of the writing pens I normally use and they all performed well on the Epson paper. I did allow the Zig glitter pen and signo pen a minute to dry before trying to smudge them which I couldn't. Even my ballpoint pen did amazing so really happy about that.

Thanks for stopping by; I'll be back Friday with the start of a new album I'm starting. <3 Ann

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