Sunday, November 5, 2017

Psalm 6

Today I'm sharing Psalm 6 and a case of you shouldn't create things when you're exhausted. I didn't create a sketch for this and just started stamping and it became a stamp sneeze problem. I don't dislike the look, but I don't feel like it really connects to the chapter. The O Lord stickers line up right above "deliver my life" which was kinda what I was going for. A lot of what this chapter speaks about wrong doing and how it feels. Also, the bottom tore when I was removing the mat after letting the gesso dry before working on the page.

Not every page is going to be a winner and I'm okay with that and not afraid to show mis-steps as well as pages that easily speak to me and I feel really fit what I was going for.

So, until next time. <3 Ann

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